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Understanding misleading nutrition marketing

Which one of these would you have assumed had the more favorable macros? If you had asked me, I would have for sure said the Skinny Cow ice cream bar.

Whenever I post a comparison like this, many people assume I’m saying one is healthy and the other is unhealthy. That is not at all the case here. My goal is always to help you see that foods we often avoid are way less scary than we perceive.

Ice cream bar comparison

My comparisons always come from a place of experience. I used to eat Skinny Cow ice cream ALL the time. For a very long period of my life, I had no grasp of the concept of calories or macros, and I based my choices off of marketing and my own perception.

I can vividly remember turning down a strawberry shortcake bar, which is the best ice cream bar on the planet, because I thought it was too unhealthy, and then eating a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich instead with no hesitation.

Had I understood what I was actually consuming, I would have been able to see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a Strawberry Shortcake bar!

Marketing is a very powerful thing. The name “Skinny Cow” makes you think that the product is lower calorie, but the box also talks about the light ice cream. It states that the ice cream contains 1/2 the fat compared to regular ice cream. But when you look at the nutrition, you can see that there is 10g of fat, which is definitely not low fat.

That’s not at all to say it’s a poor choice, but it’s probably not what you would be imagining.

You can, and should, enjoy any food you’d like! But it’s important not to base your decisions off of what SOUNDS like a better choice, because you may very well be misleading yourself.

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