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Del Taco Nutrition Guide: Calories & Macros for Every Menu Item

There will forever be a debate about whether Taco Bell or Del Taco is the superior American-style Mexican fast food restaurant.

But how does Del Taco stack up when it comes to nutrition? We’re about to find out.

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  • If you want a macro-balanced option, Del Taco’s taco salad with grilled chicken is a fantastic option with 420 calories, 26g fat, 22g carbs, and 26g protein.
  • You can order any taco “guac’d up”, which will add 15-30 calories depending on the taco.
  • Del Taco is not limited to just tacos and burritos, and there are a surprising amount of “other” options to choose from, including a large breakfast menu and even burgers & fries.

As someone who believes that any food can fit into a healthy diet, I love breaking down fast food menus to show you exactly what you’re eating. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply make more informed choices, this post will help you navigate the Del Taco menu like a pro.

In this post, we’ll dive into the nutrition facts for every item on the Del Taco menu to help you find the best options.

Remember, the goal here isn’t to label any food as “good” or “bad.” It’s all about understanding what you’re eating so you can make choices that align with your personal goals. So grab your favorite Del Taco sauce, and let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

    Del Taco Tacos & Quesadillas

    Del Taco Tacos Nutrition Facts

    When you think of Del Taco, the first things that probably come to mind are their tacos (I mean, it is in the name).

    Del Taco offers a wide variety of options of tacos, from snack-size tacos to much larger “SQT” options with an epic double-layer of tortilla. You’ve got choices ranging from traditional ground beef to grilled chicken, steak, and even plant-based options for my vegetarian friends out there.

    What’s interesting about Del Taco’s lineup is the range of calories you’ll find. Some of their tacos are surprisingly light, while others… well, let’s just say they’re perfect for when you’re really hungry. The quesadillas are all relatively similar, all falling close to 500 calories in total.

    The guide above does not include any “guac’d up” tacos, but that’s strictly due to a lack of real-estate in the graphic. If you order any taco guac’d up, it will add about 15 calories. If you order a stuffed quesadilla taco, guacamole will add 30 calories.

    Lowest Calorie Taco: Chicken Taco Del Carbon (120 calories)

    If you’re watching your calories, the Chicken Taco Del Carbon is your best bet. With just 110 calories, 4g fat, 13g carbs, and 9g protein, it’s a satisfying option that won’t break the calorie bank.

    Highest Calorie Taco: Carne Asada Steak Guac’d Up SQT Taco (360 calories)

    On the flip side, if you’re looking to indulge, the Carne Asada Steak Guac’d Up SQT Taco packs in 360 calories, 17g fat, 32g carbs, and 19g protein. It’s still relatively moderate in calories compared to some fast food options out there.

    Del Taco Burritos

    Del Taco Burritos Nutrition Facts

    Del Taco is rightfully known for its tacos, but burritos are right up there in terms of popularity.

    With a wide variety of options, you can definitely find an option here for you. Whether you’re looking for a light option, like a chicken roller, or a hefty epic burrito with 1,000+ calories, Del Taco has you covered.

    Lowest Calorie Burrito: Bean & Cheese Burrito (Green or Red) (440-460 calories)

    A simple bean & cheese burrito will be the lowest calorie option at Del Taco. And even though there is no meat involved, these burritos still pack a respectable 19 grams of protein.

    Technically speaking, a chicken roller is even lower in calories, but since it doesn’t have “burrito” in the name, I’m not sure exactly where it falls. But if you’re looking for a small low-calorie option, any of the chicken rollers will be a great option for you with under 300 calories each.

    Highest Calorie Burrito: Epic Cali Bacon Burrito (Carne Asada Steak) (1,050 calories)

    It comes as no surprise that an “epic” burrito loaded up with French fries clocks in as the most calorically dense option on the menu. With over 1,000 calories, if you’re watching your calories, this would be one to avoid.

    Pro Tip: If you’re craving a burrito but want to keep calories in check, consider the Spicy Grilled Chicken Burrito. At 560 calories, it offers a solid 30g of protein, making it a more balanced choice.

    Del Taco Breakfast Options

    Del Taco Breakfast Nutrition Facts

    Let’s be honest, breakfast food is incredible. And Del Taco seems to agree, serving up a solid breakfast menu.

    Their breakfast menu isn’t huge, but it’s got all the staples you’d expect: breakfast burritos, breakfast tacos, and even some hash brown sticks for good measure. Overall, the breakfast menu looks quite similar to Taco Bell.

    Now, when it comes to nutrition, Del Taco’s breakfast menu is a mixed bag (er, mixed burrito?). You’ve got some options that are surprisingly light, like a simple egg & cheese taco. But then you’ve got others that are more substantial, ideal for those mornings when you wake up feeling like you could eat a horse (or at least a very large burrito).

    Lowest Calorie Breakfast Item: Egg & Cheese Double Cheese Breakfast Taco (180 calories)

    This little taco packs in 9g protein for only 180 calories – not overly impressive, but not bad for a quick breakfast.

    Highest Calorie Breakfast Item: Bacon Breakfast Burrito (520 calories)

    If you’re extra hungry in the morning, the Bacon Breakfast Burrito offers 520 calories and a whopping 30g of protein.

    Calorie-Saving Tip: Opt for the Breakfast Toasted Wrap instead of the Burrito. The Egg & Cheese version has only 330 calories but still delivers 11g of protein.

    Del Taco Burgers, Loaded Nachos, and Loaded Fries

    Del Taco Entrees (Burgers and Loaded Dishes) Nutrition Facts

    You might be thinking, “Wait a minute, burgers at Del Taco?” And you’d be right to be surprised. While Del Taco is known for its Mexican-inspired options, they’ve got a few wildcards up their sleeve to compete with the other fast food giants out there.

    Yes, Del Taco does burgers, and they’ve got a handful of options. They’re not just serving up standard burgers, they’re offering big ol’ double cheeseburger and bacon double del cheeseburgers.

    Then we’ve got the loaded nachos. If you’ve ever looked at a plate of nachos and thought, “This needs more stuff on it,” Del Taco has answered your prayers. These are loaded with everything from seasoned beef to grilled chicken to carne asada, giving you plenty of options.

    For anyone hoping for a lighter option, Del Taco also offers taco salads. If you want a macro-balanced option, the chicken taco salad is an incredible option. With 420 calories and 26 grams of protein, you can do much worse in the world of fast food.

    Lowest Calorie Option: Chicken Taco Salad (420 calories, 26g fat, 22g carbs, 26g protein)

    Not only is this salad the lowest-calorie option, but it’s also the most macro-balanced option as well. If you want something “macro friendly”, this salad is the way to go.

    Highest Calorie Option: Queso Loaded Nachos with Beef (1030 calories, 54g fat, 99g carbs, 41g protein)

    These nachos are not messing around. With over 1000 calories and a whopping 54g of fat, they’re practically half a day’s worth of food on one plate.

    Protein Powerhouse: Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger (760 calories, 51g fat, 35g carbs, 37g protein)

    If you’re looking to max out on protein, this burger can help. Granted, 37 grams of protein and 760 calories is not necessarily a good source of protein, but it’s a decent amount for what it is.

    Other options, like many of the Machos Nachos options, contain slightly more protein, but hundreds more calories as well.

    Del Taco Sides & Shakes

    Ah, sides and shakes, the unsung heroes of any fast food menu.

    At Del Taco, these selections might not be huge, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in… well, deliciousness.

    Let’s start with the sides. Del Taco keeps it simple with their Crinkle Cut Fries. No fancy seasonings or wild flavors like you’ll find at some other spots, just good old-fashioned fries.

    On the nacho front, we’ve got a few options that aren’t quite as intense as their fully loaded counterparts. If you’re looking for simple, there’s no better option than a side of chips with your choice of dip.

    And of course, what fast food dessert menu would be complete without shakes? You typically think of milkshakes at a burger joint, but Del Taco makes sure their shakes are front and center.

    Lowest Calorie Side: Small Crinkle Cut Fries (160 calories, 10g fat, 17g carbs, 2g protein)

    If you’re craving fries but trying to keep things light, a small order is your best bet. It’s small, but it’s a great pairing for your main burger, tacos, or burrito.

    Highest Calorie Side: Chips & Queso Dip (Regular-sized) (640 calories, 40g fat, 59g carbs, 14g protein)

    Considering this is a side with over 600 calories, it’s an option that you’ll likely want to share with a friend or two. If sharing isn’t your thing, you may want to opt for the “snack-size” version instead.

    Tips for Healthier Choices at Del Taco

    No matter where you are eating, there are always ways to make a menu item slightly healthier. Here are a few quick tips:

    Del Taco Meal

    1. Go for Grilled: Choose grilled chicken or steak over ground beef or crispy chicken to save on calories and fat.
    2. Load up on Veggies: Add extra lettuce, tomatoes, or other veggies to your tacos and burritos for more volume and nutrients.
    3. Watch the Sauces: Sauces and dressings can add significant calories. Ask for them on the side so you can control the portion. If you need sauce, stick with hot sauce, which is virtually calorie-free.
    4. Consider a Salad: A salad will essentially give you all the fixings of a burrito without the tortilla, saving you a bunch of calories. Granted, tortillas are delicious, but you can use those calorie savings on a side instead.
    5. Portion Control: Remember, you can always save half for later if the portion sizes are large.

    Conclusion: Is Del Taco Considered Healthy Fast Food?

    We’ve taken a deep dive into the Del Taco menu, from their classic tacos to their surprising burger options. So, what’s the verdict? Is Del Taco healthy?

    Like any fast food restaurant, the answer is: it certainly can be.

    Del Taco offers a wide range of options, from lighter items like the Carne Asada Steak Taco Del Carbon (only 120 calories) to more indulgent choices like the Epic Cali Bacon Burrito (a whopping 1,050 calories).

    The beauty of it is, you get to choose what works for you and your goals.

    If you’re trying to keep things on the lighter side, Del Taco has plenty of options. Stick to the smaller tacos, opt for grilled chicken instead of fattier beef, and maybe swap out those loaded queso fries for a smaller side.

    On the flip side, if you’re looking to bulk up or just need a filling meal to fuel your day, Del Taco’s got you covered too. Their Epic Burritos and Double Del Cheeseburgers pack in the protein along with plenty of calories when needed.

    The key takeaway here? The menu is as healthy as you make it. Now that you know what’s in your favorite Del Taco items, you can make choices that align with your specific goals.

    Remember, no single meal is going to make or break your diet. It’s all about balance over time. So go ahead, enjoy your Del Taco.

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