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CosMc’s from McDonald’s: Menu Breakdown and Nutrition Facts

If you’re a fan of McDonald’s and its ever-evolving menu, there’s something new on the horizon you need to know about: CosMc’s.

CosMc's sign

Launched just this December 2023, CosMc’s is McDonald’s new spin-off restaurant, stepping away from their classic fast-food model to venture into a beverage-led, café-style experience like Starbucks.

With only one location open so far (just outside of Chicago), there’s a lot we still have to learn about this new spin-off from McDonald’s. But with the menu currently available to us, we can explore what makes it unique and how it might stack up against familiar favorites like Starbucks.

A Look Inside CosMc’s: McDonald’s Answer to the Coffee Shop Craze?

So, what exactly is CosMc’s? At first glance, it’s clear that McDonald’s is aiming to offer something different here.

CosMc’s isn’t your typical McDonald’s joint; it’s smaller, more focused on drinks, and it seems to be eyeing the territory usually dominated by popular coffee shops. The menu is definitely interesting – from Sour Cherry Energy Slush to Tropical Spiceade and even a S’mores Cold Brew. It’s a leap from your regular McDonald’s Coke or iced coffee, promising a more personalized drink experience.


But it’s not all about drinks. CosMc’s also sprinkles in some food items, like the Spicy Queso Sandwich and Pretzel Bites, and even some McDonald’s classics like Egg McMuffins.

From what I gather, CosMc’s is designed to be more than just a place to grab a quick bite. It’s pitched as a casual spot where you can unwind and get some work done, similar to the coffee shop vibe we’re used to at other spots.

They’re even integrating tech-savvy ordering systems to streamline the experience. It’s an ambitious move by McDonald’s, and it has me wondering: will this be the next big thing in fast-casual dining?

As CosMc’s plans to expand to more locations in 2024, I’m curious (and I bet you are too) to see how this concept will evolve. Is CosMc’s going to become a household name like Starbucks, or is it going to disappear from our memories the same way the original CosMc character seems to have?

Regardless of where things go from here, let’s explore the menu to see what options they’re brewing up.

For detailed nutrition facts on every item, you can find the full nutrition information on the CosMc’s website.

CosMc’s Coffee Menu

CosMc’s coffee and espresso menu seems to be a direct nod to the likes of Starbucks, hoping to compete with the large amount of customizations available.

Starting off with the basics, CosMc’s offers regular hot coffee, perfect for the coffee purists who enjoy the unadulterated taste of black coffee (like myself). But if you want to get fancy, you can customize your coffee in a ton of different ways.

Milk options: 2% milk, whole milk, skim milk, almond milk, cream.

Sweeteners: liquid cane sugar, Splenda, sugar.

Flavor syrups: Chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, white chocolate, and sugar-free vanilla syrup.

For those looking for more than just a simple brewed coffee, CosMc’s has a ton of additional options, from Frappes to Mochas.

Something a bit more unique is the Turmeric Spiced Latte. At 190 calories, this latte combines the kick of espresso with the earthy notes of turmeric-flavored syrup, topped off with black pepper sprinkles. I’m not one for spiced drinks, but this one sure sounds interesting.

On the indulgent end of the spectrum lies the Churro Frappé, a decadent blend that’s more dessert than drink, clocking in at 400 calories for a small. It’s a caloric commitment for sure, with 59g of carbs and 15g of fat, but for those looking for a sweet treat, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

If you want a dessert-like drink with far fewer calories, the S’mores Cold Brew is an excellent choice, clocking in at 230 calories with 40 grams of carbs (38 grams of sugar).

CosMc’s is clearly aiming to provide a quality, café-like experience, complete with the variety and customization options that we’ve come to expect from our favorite coffee houses.

CosMc’s Drink Menu (Non-Coffee Options)

If you’re looking for something other than coffee or espresso, it looks like CosMc’s has plenty of options to choose from.

CosMc’s serves up a simple hot tea and iced tea, each with minimal calories, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a straightforward, no-nonsense drink. On the other end of the spectrum, the Chai Tea Latte packs more of a punch both in flavor and calories, being one of the richest small-size drinks with 250 calories and a hearty dose of 41g of carbs.

CosMc’s also offers classic hot chocolate, along with lemonade & half & half, which happen to be two of my favorite drinks on the planet (or in the galaxy, in this case).

But CosMc’s is also offering fun options like the Blueberry Ginger Boost and Tropical Spiceade, both of which have 170 and 250 calories, respectively. These drinks are not just about quenching thirst but also about offering a sensory experience with their vibrant colors and unique flavor combinations.

And of course, no cafe menu would be complete without the likes of Boba or Frappes. The Chai Frappe Burst combines the best of both worlds, offering a blended chai frappe over sweet popping boba. And of course, topped with whipped cream.

Much like Starbucks, CosMc’s allows you to customize your drinks with lots of mix-ins. Whether it’s adding in a preworkout shot, dried dragonfruit, dried strawberries, or fruit syrups, there’s no shortage of ways to make your drink experience uniquely “you.”

CosMc’s Food Menu

CosMc’s food menu offers a blend of the new and old, combining familiar McDonald’s classics with brand-new offerings.

For those who prefer the tried-and-true classics, the menu features the Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin, and Bacon McMuffin. These sandwiches bring the familiar taste of McDonald’s into the fold of CosMc’s so you won’t need to give up what you love.

In addition to these classics, CosMc’s is introducing two new sandwiches that look incredible: the Spicy Queso Sandwich and Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich.

Both of these options provide a bit heartier and higher-protein option than the McMuffins, so they make for a perfect breakfast. And if you need further convincing, the description of the spicy queso sandwich from the CosMc’s website is enough to make me want to drive to Chicago to try this sandwich: “Fluffy omelet-style egg elevated with sausage, spicy queso sauce, melty white cheddar cheese, and crispy jalapeño chips. Served on a soft toasted brioche bun.”

But CosMc’s isn’t just about savory breakfast sandwiches. The café also serves up an assortment of sweet bites that are perfect for pairing with your morning coffee. Go for the McPops, which are the equivalent of stuffed donut holes, or keep it classic with a cookie or brownie.

For anyone looking for a well-rounded option in the nutrition department, the snack box is a great option. The mix of meat, nuts, and cheese might not be quite as exciting as pretzel bites or hashbrowns, but it offers a solid option for a healthy lunch.

CosMc’s Frozen Treats Menu

Last, but certainly not least, we have the frozen offerings from CosMc’s, most of which should look very familiar.

Starting with the iconic McFlurry, CosMc’s serves up three variations: the Oreo McFlurry, the M&Ms McFlurry, and the Strawberry & Cookie McFlurry. If you’re unfamiliar with McFlurry’s, they are essentially soft serve that has been lightly blended up with tons of cookie & candy pieces. In other words: they’re delicious.

Sundaes are a staple at CosMc’s, and they come in a variety of options as well. From the classic Hot Fudge Sundae and Caramel Sundae, each with a generous drizzle of syrup, to the more decadent Caramel Fudge Brownie Sundae, there are a ton of options available for you.

McDonald’s is famously known for the broken ice cream machines, so let’s hope that CosMc’s can do a little bit better in that department. When the machines are working, McDonald’s has delicious soft serve ice cream, so I’d expect nothing less from CosMc’s.

In terms of customizing your dessert, unlike the drink options, there aren’t many sizes to choose from. All of the shakes are available in small, medium, and large, but you’ll be left with only one option if you’re ordering a cone or McFlurry.

CosMc’s: Is The Future Here?

CosMc’s is dishing out an impressive menu that’s got a little something for everyone. From the tried-and-true McDonald’s classics to the indulgent new breakfast sandwiches, and of course, the wide range of drink options, there’s enough variety to appeal to anyone.

With CosMc’s, McDonald’s is clearly looking to stir things up, and it’s exciting to see where this will go. If you’re curious like I am, keep an eye out — as this concept expands, it could just be the fresh take we didn’t know we were craving.

Until then, whether it’s a once-in-a-while indulgence or your new regular spot, CosMc’s seems ready to welcome you in and add a little twist to your routine.

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