What 100 Calories Worth of Nuts Looks Like

What 100 calories worth of different nuts looks like
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Nuts. So delicious, and so easy to over consume.

Most servings of nuts are a small handful, and we often times go to town and WAY more than one handful. If you find yourself wanting to control your calories without weighing out portions, use this guide to help!

I’ve actually seen guides like this pop up before, and a lot of the numbers differ slightly. Rest-assured, I did thorough research here, and based these numbers on quite a few nutrition labels (Planters being a major contributor here).

Knowing how to eyeball portions and estimate calories is SO important. I mean, who wants to constantly weigh and measure everything they eat? I hope this guide can act as a tool to get you one step closer to estimating your intake!

What’s your nut ranking? For me, cashews are for sure number one, followed by almonds, and then pistachios. As much as I love peanut butter, I don’t really enjoy snacking on peanuts. Go figure.

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