Many people out there view a chocolate bar as an unhealthy option, but when it comes to dark chocolate, it’s often viewed as a healthy option.

So, when people set out to lose weight, they’ll avoid “candy bars” at all costs, but have no problem enjoying some dark chocolate.

I’m here to show you that both are totally fine to enjoy.

If we look at equal portion sizes, we can see that calorically, they’re almost identical. If weight loss is your ultimate goal, then keeping your calories in check should be your priority. Calorie deficit = weight loss.

In that case, a milk chocolate bar might be a totally fine option for ya. Likewise, if you’re eating lower fat, then a milk chocolate bar is actually a more appealing option.

Of course, we have to look at the sugar content. There’s no comparison here- milk chocolate contains much more sugar than its dark chocolate counterpart. Does that make it “less healthy”? No, it just means it contains more sugar. By some people’s standards, that may mean it’s less healthy, but that’s not a universal truth.

Dark chocolate is generally thought of as a “healthy” option because it’s higher in fiber and contains antioxidants. While I can’t argue either of those, I would never consider milk chocolate unhealthy just because it contains less of those.

Personally, I just don’t enjoy dark chocolate at all. It is WAY too bitter for my liking- I’ll take the milk chocolate bar any day! Especially if it’s Hershey’s.

The “healthier” choice is whatever fits YOUR preferences. Many consider dark chocolate to be the healthy option, but based on your own dietary preferences, that may not necessarily be the case.

As long as a little sugar doesn’t scare you, milk chocolate may very well be a great option for ya.

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