Benefits of Egg Yolks

Why egg yolks are just as healthy as egg whites
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Let’s talk about eggs for a second. It seems that diet culture goes back and forth between eggs being incredibly healthy overall, or terrible for your cholesterol. While egg whites are great if you’re looking to reduce calories, you’re missing out on most of what makes eggs so great by cutting out the yolk.?

Due to the cholesterol content in egg yolks, it is going to be debated until the end of time whether or not they’re bad for your cholesterol. (However, they raise your HDL, or “good cholesterol”) But one thing you simply cannot debate is how nutrient-rich egg yolks truly are. While egg whites are a great source of protein, if you remove yolks completely, you’re missing out on so much more! ?

If you’re concerned about the calories and/or fat content of eggs, a combination of one whole egg + egg whites will give you all the amazing benefits of the yolk with all the extra protein of the egg whites


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