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Benefits of Egg Yolks

How could you possible hate egg yolks? I mean, look at that face.

Eggs are one of those foods that tends to always go back and forth within the health industry. One day they’re considered a healthy breakfast option, then the next they’re considered too high in fat & cholesterol.

Many people opt for egg whites as a low calorie, high protein option, especially when dieting. I have absolutely no problem with that, because egg whites are great. But there is no reason to fear eating the yolks!

Not only do the yolks make things even more delicious (who doesn’t love a runny yolk?) but they’re packed with tons of micronutrients that you’ll be missing out on if you leave ‘em out.

Due to the cholesterol content in egg yolks, it is going to be debated until the end of time whether or not they’re bad for your cholesterol.

On the surface, yes, they are relatively high in cholesterol, but it’s not a bad thing! Eggs raise your HDL (known as your good cholesterol), which actually works to lower your blood cholesterol. It’s a rather complex topic, but that’s the gist in an eggshell.

Curious about fat and the different ways they affect your body. Don’t worry, there’s a chart for that…

Different types of dietary fat

As you can see, all fats are not created equal, but that doesn’t mean it’s something to be avoided!

If you love eggs, but you’re trying to limit caloric intake (or fat intake), something I always like to do is combine a whole egg with additional egg whites.

That way, you get all the amazing flavor and benefits of the egg yolk, with the added protein boost from the egg whites.

If you ask me my favorite way to eat eggs, while I absolutely love an over-easy egg with a runny yolk, I have a soft spot in my heart for classic scrambled eggs.

It’s always in my weekly breakfast (and sometimes lunch) rotation, and is one of my comfort foods.

And to my fellow egg fans, I have a few recipes for egg lovers right here on the site for you to check out and enjoy:

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