75 Different Names For Sugar

75 different names for sugar
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If you’re watching your sugar intake, you’re likely going to read through the ingredients list on your food labels. Sure, you can just look at the actual grams of sugar in the nutrition facts. But if you’re looking at ADDED sugar, not just the naturally occurring sugar in food, the ingredients are where you need to look.

Unfortunately, you likely won’t just see “sugar” in the ingredients all the time. Here are 75 different names for sugar that you might see at one point…

Ingredients are listed by their weight on the ingredients list. So, the first ingredient you see is the one that is most prominent in a food, and the last ingredient will be found in the smallest amount.

Using a “dark chocolate chunk” Kind Bar as an example: the first ingredient listed is oats, which makes sense, and the second ingredient is cane sugar. Since cane sugar, a type of sugar, is listed before chocolate, that means there is more sugar (by weight) than chocolate in the dark chocolate chunk bar. This specific bar has a lot of other forms of sugar in it too: sugar, molasses, honey, brown rice syrup, and tapioca syrup.

Whatever your reasons are for identifying sugar, understand that it might not always be so clear-cut in the ingredients! And while there are 75 different names here, there are even more out there. The “syrups” alone can be one of many different types of syrups! Any you can think of that I missed?

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