Sushi Time! I’ve been asked many times to put together a sushi nutrition guide, so here it is! (Consider this part one, because there are soo many different types!)

For this guide, we’re only looking at sushi rolls. Traditionally, a sushi roll contains a small amount of filling and is wrapped in rice and rolled up in nori (seaweed). When you go out to eat, you’ll find a lot of sushi is flipped to have the rice on the outside, and that’s thanks to us Americans being all about our food aesthetic (and probably because seaweed weirds us out)

Clearly, sushi rolls will be pretty high in carbs due to the rice. If carbs are a concern, you’ll want to go for sashimi (which is essentially just thinly sliced, raw seafood). Carbs aside, you can get a fair amount of protein out of sushi roll- a lot of them containing close to 20g of protein! While not really considered a high-protein meal, you could do much worse.

Note that these calories & macros are going to differ based on the restaurant. The variables of how much filling there is, and what sauces are used, will change things up a bit for you. Sushi rolls are typically cut into 6-8 pieces, so if you want to figure out how much is in a single piece, divide it up.

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