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Seafood Nutrition Guide

Calories in Seafood

Ahhh, seafood. You love it or you hate it. Personally, I’m TRYING to love it, but it’s a work in progress.

One of the issues with seafood is that it is too damn expensive. But when you look at the macros, it becomes hard to complain about that. A lot of seafood (especially shellfish) are incredibly low calorie, super high protein, and virtually fat & carb free. I mean, it’s a macro-trackers dream!

And while you can’t go wrong with most seafood, something to be aware of is the difference between Atlantic and Wild Salmon. There are a lot of different kinds of salmon out there, but look at the nutritional differences here. Atlantic salmon is very common around here, and is otherwise known as farmed salmon. Farmed salmon has a very different diet than those in the wild and the macros reflect it! And because of their diet, atlantic salmon are naturally grey, so they are dyed to have that salmon color we’re familiar with. Mmmmm.

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