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Nut & Seed Butter Nutrition Breakdown

Nut and seed butter calories

I’m not going to be a party-pooper and tell you to avoid nut & seed butters if you’re dieting. Are they high in calories? Yep. But are they flippin’ delicious? You bet.

The issue that a lot of people have with these is that it is so easy to consume more than the intended serving size. I don’t know what kind of monster decided that 2 tablespoons was an adequate serving size, but it’s not.

That being said, these butters are something I always recommend weighing if you’re watching your calories. If you scoop right out of the jar, there’s a very good chance you’re going to be scooping more than a serving. Even if you’re over by one tablespoon, that’s a quick 100 calories added to your day that you’re not accounting for. Weighing will take all the guesswork out.

In this golden era of food we are living in, it seems like there are countless options out there for nut & seed butters. So much so, that I couldn’t even fit ‘em all on here. Apparently pistachio butter is also a thing, which has to be the most delicious food ever created, after peanut butter of course.

Nutritionally, these options are all quite similar, with some subtle differences between them (aside from the powdered peanut butter). I should note that depending on the brand, each specific butter might look slightly different, so these aren’t necessarily exact.

I’m on Team Peanut Butter through and through!

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