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Deli Meat Nutrition Guide

All I could think about while I made this guide was the Geico commercial of Ickey Woods doing his shuffle and saying “get some cold cuts, get some cold cuts”. Anyway…

When it comes to deli meat/cold cuts/lunch meat, a lot of them are very similar nutritionally. When you buy yourself very thinly sliced meat, most of them are going to fairly low in fat and fairly high in protein. But there are definitely differences to be aware of.

Let’s use turkey as an example. There are many different types of deli turkey, and while the differences aren’t substantial, you should know what to look out for. If you’re someone who wants to avoid sugar, you need to look for something other than “honey roasted” turkey- opt for anything roasted or smoked. The same goes for ham- if sugar is a concern for you, stick with smoked or even roasted.

You may be looking at this guide and feel surprised to see something like pepperoni so high in calories. Keep in mind that these macros are for equal sized portions of each. Generally speaking, you’re going to have less pepperoni than something like roast beef as part of your lunch.

Are you a fan of cold cuts? What’s your favorite sandwich? Adding turkey to egg sandwiches is one of my favorites!

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