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Calories in French Vanilla Iced Coffee

healthy french vanilla iced coffee

If you’re counting calories, it’s important to remember that the calories in your coffee still count.

This is not a post to tell you that you shouldn’t choose the drink on the left. If that is what you’re into, that is completely your call to make! But there are many people who struggle to lose weight that fail to realize that the coffee they are drinking every day is adding unaccounted for calories to their day.

Many people don’t even bother to count their coffee in their caloric totals. If you stop at Dunkin every morning on your way to work and order the drink on the left, then you’re not accounting for over 1,000 calories!

Learning how to make substitutions is extremely beneficial- not just to save calories, but to cater to your dietary preferences.

In the above example, this is how I would order a French Vanilla iced coffee at Dunkin. Rather than the cream it comes with, I would swap that out for almond milk. And instead of the flavor swirl (syrup), I would opt for a French Vanilla flavor shot. These flavor shots are sugar free, and very similar to flavor extracts- so they add all of the flavor without all of the excess sugar.

This is just one example, and there are tons of different swaps you can make for your own preferences. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for substitutions. That’s why they offer them!

The goal doesn’t have to be to make your coffee order as low Calorie as possible. That’s up to you. For me personally, I prefer to eat my calories, so I stick with lower Calorie coffee drinks.

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