what are the healthiest Chick-fil-a menu items?

When we think of fast food, we don't really think of "healthy." But Chick-fil-A has some amazing options.

chick-fil-a nutrition overall

Chick-fil-A is one of the few fast food locations that has a bunch of lower calorie & higher protein options to choose from (without needing substitutions). Of course, "healthy" means different things to different people, but let's look at some of the lowest & highest calorie options at Chick-fil-A...

Lowest calorie Sandwich:

350 Calories, 13g Fat, 29g Carbs, 42g Protein

Chick-fil-A® Cool Wrap

Highest calorie Sandwich:

550 Calories, 25g Fat, 47g Carbs, 33g Protein

Spicy Deluxe Sandwich

sandwich with most protein:

520 Calories, 22g Fat, 44g Carbs, 37g Protein

Grilled Chicken Club

Lowest calorie sauce:

25 Calories, 2.5g Fat, 1g Carbs, 0g Protein

Zesty Buffalo Sauce

highest calorie sauce:

140 Calories, 15g Fat, 1g Carbs, 1g Protein

Garden Herb Ranch

lowest calorie  side dish:

120 Calories, 9g Fat, 8g Carbs, 3g Protein

Kale Crunch

highest calorie  side dish:

600 Calories, 35g Fat, 65g Carbs, 7g Protein

Large Fries

Lowest calorie  breakfast sandwich:

290 Calories, 7g Fat, 31g Carbs, 27g Protein

Egg White Grill

Highest calorie  breakfast sandwich:

700 Calories, 40g Fat, 51g Carbs, 34g Protein

Breakfast Burrito

calorie saving tips

1. Order sandwiches without cheese 2. Limit the sauce to a single serving 3. Ask for no butter on your bun 4. Don't be afraid to ask for substitutions