I've indexed the nutrition facts of 600+ Trader Joe's products for you to be able to sort through- and here I am bringing you some of the highest protein options!

top 5 High Protein Options

Trader Joe's has a lot of fresh meat options such as chicken breast and ground turkey, which are obviously packed with protein, so we're going to look past the obvious...


Chicken asada

1/2 Package 240 Calories | 6g Fat 12g Carbs | 36g Protein

bbq chicken teriyaki

1 Cup 240 Calories | 9g Fat 11g Carbs | 31g Protein

egg frittata

2 Frittatas 270 Calories | 15g Fat 10g Carbs | 25g Protein

turkey burgers

1 Burger 180 Calories | 10g Fat 0g Carbs | 22g Protein

oven baked cheese bites

1/2 Package 170 Calories | 12g Fat 0g Carbs | 15g Protein

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Or, if you're looking for some high-protein vegan options, I've got you covered.