who has the healthiest chicken sandwich?

chicken sandwich wars


I'll leave it up to you to decide who makes the BEST chicken sandwich, but which fast food restaurant makes the healthiest  chicken sandwich?

let's rank the


top 12

12. Burger king

800 Calories 39g Fat 69g Carbs 33g Protein

11. zaxby's

770 Calories 42g Fat 53g Carbs 45g Protein

10. popeyes

700 Calories 42g Fat 50g Carbs 28g Protein

9. Carl's Jr.

680 Calories 36g Fat 56g Carbs 33g Protein

8. Church's

650 Calories 35g Fat 53g Carbs 32g Protein

7. KFC

650 Calories 35g Fat 49g Carbs 34g Protein

6. Sonic

570 Calories 31g Fat 51g Carbs 22g Protein

5. Arby's

510 Calories 25g Fat 48g Carbs 24g Protein

4. Jack in the box

490 Calories 22g Fat 54g Carbs 23g Protein

3. Wendy's

490 Calories 21g Fat 49g Carbs 28g Protein

2. mcdonald's

470 Calories 20g Fat 45g Carbs 27g Protein

1. Chick fil-a

440 Calories 17g Fat 41g Carbs 29g Protein

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