Create your perfect starbucks drink with my

Starbucks nutrition  calculator

If you're curious about the exact calories, macros, and caffeine of your custom Starbucks order, you're in luck!

Starbucks doesn't have their own calculator, so I took it upon myself to build one. Here's how it works (and yes, it is FREE)...

Drink type


Step 1

Select whether you want a hot, cold, or frozen drink.

Name & size


Step 2

When you select your drink type, you'll have the option to select ANY drink from the Starbucks menu and any size that is available for that drink.

Milk & syrup


Step 3

Customize your milk and flavor syrup with any amount of pumps. Want multiple syrups? You can add more!



step 4

Need more than flavor syrups? Add any sweetener you'd like for your drink.



Step 5

Based on your drink type, you'll be presented with add-in options and additional customizations for them.



step 6

Customize the amount of espresso shots in your drink, or add extra espresso shots to any coffee order.

Get the results


step 7

Get the full calories, macros, and caffeine for your drink. Instantly!

Generate order


step 8

If you fall in love with your order, click the "Generate My Order" button so you can save screenshot or copy your order.


I hope you guys love this calculator! I worked extremely hard on it and I am thrilled with how it turned out. There are lots of FAQs under the calculator to help you, too.