145 Calories & 8.5g protein

High-Protein oatmeal cream pies (Little Debbie Copycat)

You would never know these oatmeal cream pies were secretly healthy. they taste just like the real thing!

Step 1

Mix together all of the ingredients for the oatmeal cookies- no chilling necessary!

Step 2

Break the dough apart into 10 small cookie dough balls

Step 3

Bake the cookies at 350 degrees F for 6 minutes

Step 4

While hot, press the cookies down with your fingers to create flat oatmeal cookies with crackly tops

Step 5

Make a very simple cream filling by mixing together vanilla frosting and protein powder

Step 6

Assemble into 5 oatmeal cream pies and enjoy!

These oatmeal cream pies taste shockingly like the real thing. Add them to a wrapper and give them to someone to trick them and I promise they won't think twice about these being a healthier version!