Which protein powder is the best for baking cookies?

The ultimate protein powder substitution guide for cookies

I developed a very simple chocolate chip cookie recipe, then I swapped the flour out for 9 different types of protein powder to see how each type affected the final cookies. I love high-protein baking, but I've learned that the type of protein powder you use in a recipe matters a ton. Let's explore that...

the experiment: 

Result: Soft & gooey with crispy edges


Result: The interior of the cookie was very chewy and gummy. This cookie also had the strongest protein powder flavor of any cookie I tested.

COOKIE with whey isolate

Result: Decent spread, but very spongy and greasy consistency.

COOKIE with whey concentrate

Result: The exterior of this cookie crisped up a lot, but the interior remained gritty and gummy.

COOKIE with whey blend

Result: Very dry and cakey with little spread, and the flavor was very strong of protein powder.

COOKIE with Casein

Result: Cakey & thick but flavor and texture was much more pleasing than the casein protein alone.

COOKIE with Casein + whey isolate

Result: Soft & gooey inside, but lacking a crisp on the outside. Best flavor overall.

COOKIE with Casein + whey blend

Result: Spread completely flat and was soft, undercooked, and impossible to pick up. Needless to say, it did not work.

COOKIE with collagen

Result: Minimal spread with a very chewy, eggy, and salty flavor.

COOKIE with egg protein

Result: These cookies were extremely dry and crumbly and had a very strong Earthy flavor.

COOKIE with plant-based protein

full results

At the end of the day, ANY protein powder can be great for baking cookies, but you have to make the right substitutions, and it depends on the type of cookie you’re after. As a 1:1 replacement in cookie recipes, any of the protein powder options won’t necessarily work out extremely well for you. But if you find a recipe online that uses your specific type of protein powder, all of the substitutions and guesswork have already been done for you, so the final result may be exactly what you’re looking for.