Protein Apple Cider Donuts

Matt Rosenman

Nothing says Fall quite like fresh apple cider donuts. We're going to make those same donuts that taste like they came fresh from the cider mill, but without the deep frying and with some extra protein.

175 Calories & 12g protein per donut!

I won't be as bold to say that these are as good as authentic cider donuts, because those are perfect. But when the nutrition looks this impressive, who's going to complain?

Ingredients You'll Need:

- All-Purpose Flour - Protein Powder - Sugar Substitute - Baking Powder - Eggs - Apple Butter - Applesauce - Butter - Vanilla Extract - Cinnamon

Exact measurements and substitutions available in the recipe card!

Mix all ingredients together


Mix until you have a smooth yet thick donut batter

Fill your donut pan


I ended up making smaller donuts here, but this recipe will make 6 standard-sized donuts

Bake at 350 degrees F for about 10 minutes


The exact time will depend on the size of your donuts, but 10 minutes should be perfect.

Spray & coat the donuts


Once you remove the donuts, give them a spray with butter spray and coat them with cinnamon & sugar

Give them a double coating, then enjoy!


After coating them with cinnamon sugar, I like to spray them once more to add a little bit more coating.

175 calories, 4g fat, 22g carbs, and 12g protein per donut!