How many calories are in a McDonald's

Shamrock Shake?

The Shamrock Shake is one of McDonald's most popular seasonal items. It's McDonald's soft serve blended up with their secret Shamrock syrup (mint flavored) and topped with whipped cream.

What is a

Shamrock Shake?

Wondering how healthy (or unhealthy) this shake is? Let's find out!

Small Shamrock Shake

500 Calories, 14g Fat, 82g Carbs, 11g Protein

Medium Shamrock Shake

540 Calories, 15g Fat, 87g Carbs, 12g Protein

Large Shamrock Shake

800 Calories, 20g Fat , 135g Carbs, 18g Protein

Ask for no whipped cream, which will save you 50-60 calories on any size Shamrock Shake. This will bring a small Shamrock Shake down to only 440 calories!

Want to

Save Some Calories?

Small Chocolate: 520 Calories

Chocolate vs Shamrock Shake

Small Shamrock: 500 Calories

What about the Oreo

Shamrock McFlurry?

The Oreo Shamrock McFlurry contains 560 Calories, 16g Fat, 92g Carbs, 12g Protein

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