We’re really good at talking down to ourselves. Too good, in fact.

We’re our own worse critics. We put ourselves under a microscope every single day and magnify our flaws more than any other person ever could.

But I want to remind you that you don’t always need to be a total dick to yourself.

Maybe you are having an awesome hair day. Maybe your butt looks damn good in those shorts (you too, guys). Maybe your biceps are feeling juicy. Maybe your skin is looking flawless.

Own it.

Many of us are embarrassed to look completely full of ourselves. We feel selfish. Cocky. Vain. And yet, we have no problem talking down and just being flat out mean to ourselves.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking you look good. ESPECIALLY if you are someone who constantly nitpicks everything about yourself every single day. It doesn’t mean you’re cocky- it means you care about yourself. And that’s very healthy.

You don’t need to walk around like you are the perfect human specimen, but you can walk around with confidence and flaunt what you’ve got. Allow yourself to feel good for once.

Wear that outfit you love. Take that selfie. Flex. Smile.

Just own it. Life is tough enough. You don’t need to be so tough on yourself all the time.

Besides, confidence looks really good on you.

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