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Your Approach To Dieting Matters

Read that. And then read it again.

On the surface, these two approaches might seem very similar. One one hand, maybe you know you’ll be eating over your caloric goals on Saturday, so you scale your calories back during the week. One the other hand, maybe you unexpectedly overeat on Saturday, so you skip meals on Sunday to make up for it.

Physically, and calorically, the results are going to be similar. But mentally, these are DRASTICALLY different.

The mental aspect of dieting of huge. You should never feel the need to punish yourself for overeating. Skipping meals or trying to fast after overeating is a ticket to a super unhealthy relationship with food.

Calorie cycling, on the other hand, is a very healthy approach that many people like to utilize. The idea is simple: eat lower calories some days, and higher calories other days, instead of the conventional method of eating the same calories each and every day.

If you like to eat more on Fridays and Saturdays, calorie cycling would mean eating slightly lower calorie during the week to balance out.

But that’s NOT the same thing as overeating Friday and Saturday, and then punishing yourself by trying not to eat on Sunday.

I always talk about how calories are the most important aspect for weight loss. And yes, they are. But it’s important to look at the long-term: your relationship with food matters, and so does your approach to dieting.

My advice is always this: if you overeat, just move on. Don’t try to do damage control. In the long term, you will be much better off.

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