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You Don’t HAVE TO Eat Diet Food

The foods on the right have their place- I’ve eaten each one and enjoyed them. Cauliflower rice is a great substitute for rice if calories are a concern. Same with zucchini pasta. If you’re watching your weight, these can be useful foods to work into your diet!

But you don’t HAVE TO eat them.

Diet culture seems to demonize these foods on the left, and I’m here to tell you that you can eat them if you want to.

Too many people are afraid to eat rice because “simple carbs” are horrible. It almost feels like if you’re dieting, you can ONLY choose cauliflower rice.

Pasta is a classic frowned-upon food when people are dieting too. So, many turn to zucchini pasta. Which is fine on occasion….but it surely is not pasta.

You don’t need to sacrifice every single meal.

Look, if you love the foods on the right, more power to you. They’re all very healthy options. But if you’re forcing yourself to eat them because you think you CAN’T have those foods on the left, you have been seriously misled.

Rice won’t make you fat. Neither will pasta. Neither will tortillas or wraps. No single food ever will.

No food is off limits. I don’t care about the people who will pop into the comments to yell about insulin spikes from carbs. They’re a passionate bunch, but you can ignore them.

The foods on the right have their place. But so do the foods on the left.

Nutrition isn’t all-or-nothing. Every single meal doesn’t need to be rice & pasta, but that doesn’t mean that your meals should NEVER be these foods either.

Enjoy your food ?

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