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Why Am I Hungrier on Rest Days?

Wondering why you feel even hungrier on rest days? Well, wonder no more!

I get asked very often if you should eat less on days you don’t train, and my answer is always a big NO. In fact, often it’s worthwhile to eat even more on rest days.

The common misconception is that since you are not working out, you should eat less to account for the extra calories that you are not burning.

But if you are strength training, rest days are soo important. In fact, you shouldn’t view them as rest days at all- they are your growth days! The days you rest are the days your muscles are actually growing and recovering, and are absolutely necessary!

Because of this, eating on your rest days is incredibly important. If you feel super hungry when resting, it is likely your body signaling you that you need to EAT! Don’t feel guilty that you’re burning less calories- your body needs it.

It’s very possible that you under-eat on your training days. Exercising suppresses your appetite, so you might eat less overall after a gym session. Or, if you workout at night, your hunger might not fully set it before bed, so you might find yourself very hungry the following day!

While the hunger is usually a signal that you need to eat more, it can also come down to not drinking enough water. On days we workout, we tend to drink plenty of water. But on off days, it’s very common to neglect water, which can mistakingly make us feel hungrier. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

And of course, you might just find yourself with a whole lotta down time on your rest day and constantly thinking about food. If that is the case, keep yourself busy! Getting outside is always a great way to spend your off time.

Do you try to eat less on rest days? If your goal is strictly weight loss, then you might be fine. But if you want to get stronger and build some muscle, do not be afraid to eat!

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