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When You Eat a Christmas Cookie…

’Tis the season of giving. For some people, that means the season of giving people crap about what they eat.

Picture this. You go to a Christmas party with all of your closest friends. Beth recently went on a keto diet and lost 20 pounds, and we’re very happy for her. Unfortunately, now she has become unbearable to be around and constantly judges anyone who eats sugar.

You grab your favorite Christmas cookie, and Beth emerges from the shadows to tell you that you shouldn’t be eating all that sugar.

Oh really, Beth? That’s interesting, I don’t remember asking you. Let me enjoy my damn Christmas cookies.

I’ve been asked numerous times about Christmas cookies. I know there are lots of them this time of year, but ya know what? It’s just one time per year! If there’s a cookie you really love, grab one or two, then walk away and continue on with your party.

Understand that you’re consuming some extra calories, and that’s totally fine. Enjoy the cookies you love so much and move on.

There’s always going to be Beths out there telling you what you should or shouldn’t eat. Ignore them all. Seriously.

It’s one thing to want to educate someone, but it’s another thing to make them feel like crap about their choices. Everyone knows that a cookie isn’t a health food, and we’re not grabbing a cookie hoping to lose weight.

Don’t be a Beth this holiday season.

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