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What You Eat Does Not Define You

These days, people have something negative to say about every single food. Someone will tell you if you eat sugar, you might as well be doing hardcore drugs. If you drink milk, you’re immoral. If you don’t go Keto, you’re never going to lose weight. They make it sound like their way of eating is superior to whatever “terrible” choices you’re making.

Honestly, it’s exhausting. People seem to think that their food choices allow them to sit atop this moral high ground above the rest of us.

But if your food choices are defining who you are, then you seriously need to get your priorities in order.

Your food choices are a piece to living an overall healthy life, sure. But we tend to treat our food choices as the most important thing in the world. As if your tombstone is going to read: Here lies Beth. She drank oat milk.

If you’re honest, kind, loving, and caring, then choosing to eat a donut instead of a salad isn’t going to change that. If you’re an extremely shitty person, drinking celery juice instead of soda doesn’t change that.

You’re not automatically a bad person if you want to eat meat, and you’re not automatically a good person if you don’t. I know many people will show up to argue that, but it’s the truth. There’s more to who you are than what you choose to eat.

Make food choices based on YOUR current goals, YOUR preferences, and YOUR lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how much Pattie brags about how she gave up sugar and how you need to do the same. You don’t. Back off, Pattie.

Don’t let what you eat define who you are. You’re so much more than the food choices you make.

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