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What is Considered Healthy?

If you ever wonder why people are so confused when it comes to nutrition, here is a good place to start. Everything is healthy… but also not healthy. Wait, what?

It’s easy to take advice from someone who has gotten results, but that advice is often conflicting. Ask one person how to eat healthy, they’ll tell you a keto diet/avoiding carbs is the way to go. Ask another person, they’ll tell you that going vegan changed their life.

You’d think that fruits and vegetables are a safe bet and everyone can agree that they are healthy… but not so fast. Some people find fruit unhealthy because of the sugar content. Others will say that they’re only healthy if they’re organic.

Nobody is necessarily right or wrong. Do I think it’s insane to call fruit unhealthy? Yes. But someone else might have a very good reason for needing to watch their sugar intake, which in their case, would make fruit something to avoid.

You’re allowed to eat meat. You’re also allowed to avoid meat. Same with sugar, sodium, artificial sweeteners, you name it.

The decisions are yours to make. There’s always going to be conflicting information and differing opinions out there- you just do you.

At the end of the day, what is “healthy” is up to YOU.

I’m curious- do you follow any particular guidelines? I gravitate towards high protein foods, but don’t really have any other guidelines for myself!

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