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What Happens When You Eat Halloween Candy

With Halloween right around the corner, and your house likely fully stocked with incredible candy, I want to remind you that it’s perfectly OK to eat some of it.

I’m not here to argue whether or not sugar is bad for you (it’s not, by the way). But I’m here to remind you that eating candy is not going to ruin your progress.

If your kid goes trick or treating and comes home with the most incredible assortment of candy ever assembled, by all means help them get through it. Enjoy those Reese’s and Twix and Snickers (the best 3, by far). You’re not a failure for eating some candy. You’re not weak. It’s normal, and you’re human.

Nutrition is all about moderation. One day of eating candy (or week, for that matter) is not going to ruin everything. Even if you find yourself eating candy every day for the next week, in the grand scheme of things, that’s nothing. In fact, that’s only 2% of the entire year. 2% is not going to ruin the other 98%

Remind yourself what’s important to you. Will the memory of eating some Halloween candy with your kids at the end of the night while watching scary movies be a more important memory than the extra calories? Or maybe you simply haven’t eaten a Twix in ages and really want to enjoy one again. Or mayyyyybe you just want some damn candy. That’s perfectly okay!

Now you know my top 3 candy choices- what are the top 3 candies you’ve always hoped for on Halloween??

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