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What Exactly Are Superfoods?

Superfoods, one of the most misunderstood and misleading concepts within the health industry today. As a really cool sounding buzzword, it’s easy to see “superfood” and immediately gravitate towards it. I mean, any food that’s “super” has to be very good for you…

The category of “superfood” is completely made up. There are no hard-set rules to qualify something as a superfood, and it’s not a real food group. The term just refers to any food that is rich in nutrients. Any vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, you name it. This doesn’t mean that a food is low in sugar or low in calories, it just means that it contains nutrients. So generally speaking, these foods are “good for you” in the sense that they nourish your body, but depending on your definition of the word healthy, these may not fit the bill. While we can all agree that nourishing your body is a very healthy thing to do, we don’t all agree on what foods fit our individual lifestyles. Some people like to eat low sugar, low carb, dairy free, etc. So a “superfood” may not automatically mean it’s a healthy food by your standards, because there’s such a wide range of foods.

The most important thing to understand with superfoods is that they are not magic. They are simply foods that contain vitamins & minerals. They will not lead to fat loss and they will not instantly “detox” your body. So while these superfood smoothies and bowls might be great in the micronutrient department, they’re not going to lead to anything else of significance. Don’t misconstrue the message: eat superfoods to get your micronutrients. Just don’t expect them to do much else.

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