Get your hand off the panic button. Slow down. Breathe. It’s okay!

You’re human. Even if you have all intentions of staying on track and eating the exact amount of calories you plan to every day, sometimes you’re going to overeat. And that is totally fine.

You need to get comfortable accepting overeating as a fact of life. We’ve all done it. We’re all going to do it again.

Birthday parties. Thanksgiving feasts. Date nights. Vacations. You name it. Eating more than you “plan to” will happen.

The only real problem that comes out of that is people thinking they need to do damage control afterwards. Working out extra hard to try to make up for the extra calories, skipping meals to try to offset the calories, or just giving up completely thinking their progress is already ruined.

If you simply move on and go right back to your normal plan, you’ll realize that nothing bad happens from overeating. Even if you go way overboard, once you get right back on track, it’ll be quickly forgotten.

If you know you overate and want to be more mindful the next day, I’m on board with that. You can be careful with your portions and be mindful of the excess snacking the following day, but this is NOT the same as damage control. You’re not punishing yourself- you’re simply being more careful.

I know this is one of those things that is easier said than done. I hear all the time from people really worried that they overate, so I know it’s a very real concern.

You didn’t fail. You didn’t ruin your progress.

You simply ate more than you wanted to. And that is totally okay.

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