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What Actually Happens When You Eat a Cookie

It doesn’t always have to be about calories and macros!

Most of what I talk about here does in fact revolve around calories or macros, but that’s only because I believe there is incredible value in being informed on the topics. I don’t believe that they are EVERYTHING.

Are cookies a “healthy” choice? In most meanings of the word, usually not. Does that mean you shouldn’t eat some cookies if you want to? Absolutely not. In fact, I encourage it.

Fast forward one year from right now when our lives will be back to normalcy. Will you remember that one day you ate cookies and fell off track from your diet with extra calories, or will you remember the baking day you had with your family when you made grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies from scratch and enjoyed them together?

A fresh baked cookie can transport you right back to childhood. It can be that tiny bit of happiness in an otherwise stressful time.

Or, it can just be a damn delicious cookie. Fresh baked or store bought, I don’t discriminate.

Dieting should be all about moderation and balance. It’s wise to focus on foods that help you achieve your goals, but it’s equally important to allow yourself to enjoy foods that don’t. Your mental health matters, too. And sometimes a warm cookie is just what the doctor ordered.

You don’t always have to view your food as a number. Sometimes it is much, much more than that.

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