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Veggie Chips vs Potato Chips

Vegetable Chips ? Potato Chips. Surely vegetable chips are healthier because they’re made from veggies, right? ?‍♂️

Looking at strictly the macros, they are nearly identical. Sure the nutritional info will vary slightly based on the particular brand, but expect to see similar numbers across the board…

Buzzwords in the fitness industry is nothing new. Labeling things as “veggie” will lead people to think they’re healthy… veggie chips, veggie straws, etc. Most of these products are made from root vegetables (parsnip, beets, carrots, etc) which potatoes are considered as well! The cooking method is the same, fried in some type of oil, so it yields nearly an identical product. Vegetable does not automatically = healthy.

I’m not at all saying you shouldn’t eat vegetable chips! I love them, personally. What I am saying is that you should not turn to vegetable chips as a healthy alternative to potato chips. Certain brands (especially sold at speciality food stores) will be baked or use a healthier type of oil, which will definitely help the health factor, but otherwise you are looking at very similar products!

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