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Underrated Benefits of Exercise

With everything going on right now, I find exercise to be more important than ever, and it has nothing to do with burning calories.

Maybe now isn’t the best time to try to lose weight or make incredible strength gains, but that doesn’t mean exercise should be completely ignored. If we put aside the obvious benefits of burning calories or building muscle, there is SO much more that exercise does for us.

For me personally, the biggest benefits of exercise are the reduced stress and anxiety relief. Exercising has helped my anxiety more than I can ever express, so I make sure I always prioritize it in my day. Even if I’m not having a structured workout, I always try to make sure I get quality steps in and keep myself moving! Shoutout to my pup for helping me get those long walks in every day.

If I don’t exercise, I notice the impact on my energy levels VERY quickly. On my off-days from working out, if I don’t get in any kind of physical activity like walking, I find that my energy levels are absolutely drained. It sounds like you should have more energy if you’re not exercising, but you’ll find the exact opposite to be true.

It’s also important to keep in mind the overall impact that exercise can have on your life as a whole. Exercising will greatly benefit your overall health, and your heart, lungs, bones, etc, will thank you for it. But it will also help your functional mobility- in other words, it will be much easier to chase your kids around, get around the house, and enjoy your vacations more. All things that you’ll be thankful for.

You don’t need to do an hour worth of weightlifting to exercise. Walking the dog, hiking, yoga- they’re all great forms of exercise that will provide you with amazing benefits.

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