I came across this article today, so I’m changing the headline for you. Eating dietary fat doesn’t cause weight gain. And eating sugar also doesn’t.

We’ve become so anti-sugar lately. I get it- foods that are really high in sugar are usually lacking nutrients and are easy to eat a ton of. When we think sugar, we think candy bars, gummy worms, sugary cereal, ice cream, and so on.

But it’s not the sugar that’s going to cause you to gain weight.

Let me say that again: sugar will not cause you to gain weight.

Eating too much sugar might. Because eating too much ANYTHING might. Eating “too much” implies you’re eating more than you need, which means you are in a caloric surplus. And when you’re in a surplus, you gain weight.

If you eat too many avocados, you can gain weight. If you eat too much rice, you can gain weight. If you eat too much chicken, you can gain weight.

Don’t be afraid to eat sugar. Eat a well-balanced diet and don’t exclusively eat food that is loaded with sugar. But enjoy some ice cream or candy every once in a while if you want it.

I promise you’re not going to gain weight.

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