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Time Spent Calculating Macros…

Who can relate?

Tracking macros can often feel like a puzzle you’re constantly trying to solve. Come dinner time, you have to figure out exactly how to fit your food into your daily macros. Or you want dessert, so you need to find the perfect dessert to round out your goals.

Part of me loves solving that puzzle. But another part of me really despises it.

As many of you know, I recently gave up tracking my macros for a month as an experiment. To my surprise, I enjoyed NOT tracking so much that I haven’t gone back to it. After years and years of meticulously tracking, giving it up felt really, really good.

The biggest relief has been this mental aspect. I never realized just how much time and energy constantly calculating macros required. I mean, I literally tracked everything I ate, every single day.

Tracking macros provided me with the comfort of knowing I was staying on track, which is great, but it wasn’t until I gave it up that I realized I didn’t need that so-called “comfort.” I lost sight of the mental aspect of it all, and I’ve decided that the mental aspect is far more important to me right now than staying at a specific weight.

I should reiterate that I will still recommend tracking macros to someone trying to reach a weight loss goal. Tracking takes the guesswork out and can really help you hit those goals.

But if you’re like me and just want to live a healthy life without any specific weight loss goals in mind, not tracking has really freed up my mind and has allowed me to get back to enjoying my waffles to the fullest. ???

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