For the longest time, I judged people in the gym. If someone flexed or took a photo of themselves in the mirror, I rolled my eyes. I mean, how conceded are you? But as I’ve become more immersed in this whole fitness thing, I realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and in fact, it is incredibly beneficial. I mean, put it in perspective…

We see ourselves through a different lens than everyone else. You can look in the mirror all you want, but you still see a sometimes warped image of yourself. When you take a photo or your body to track your progress, or your form to help your lifts, you get a chance to see yourself from a completely different perspective!


You know how your voice sounds different when you hear it back? Same idea. But we don’t scoff at singers for listening to themselves! We’re all in the gym to better ourselves, and there is nothing wrong with tracking your progress. Take your booty pics, flex a bicep, whatever! Let’s be real, the full length mirrors and generous lighting at gyms are typically way better than your crappy bathroom mirror.


If someone judges you, then there’s something wrong with THEM, not you. Flex on, my friend.

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