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The Perception of Flexible Dieting

It probably looks like all I eat is waffles, pizza, and candy. But there is so much other food that you are not seeing!

I’ve been told that I’m “lucky” because I can eat tons of junk food and not gain weight. But that is not the case. At all. I don’t eat a lot of crap- it’s just what you see.

I’m guilty of touting my less healthy food on my stories. Not because I want to create a false perception, but because the less healthy food is the fun stuff. A nice looking pizza, an epic waffle creation, or a stacked burger. That’s more fun to share than an apple or a side salad.

But that’s not all I eat. It’s not even the majority.

I follow flexible dieting, which is not a diet at all. It’s simply knowing how to eat and fitting in less healthy choices to your overall diet. It’s knowing you can eat a donut or a cookie (or 10) and stay on track, because you eat healthy overall.

I eat tons of grilled chicken. I eat fruit every day. I drink plenty of water. I make sautéed veggies almost every night. But you don’t see it.

If you admire the way someone looks but wonder how in the world they look that way while eating so poorly- you’re likely not seeing the whole picture. It’s easy to think that all someone eats is junk food, because social media is all about having fun for most people.

Don’t be fooled by that perception. Moderation is the key. Even though all you’re seeing is the “unhealthy” food, there’s a lot more that you are not seeing!

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