The mental aspect of dieting is the most difficult part. Problem is, we make it soo much harder than it needs to be.

You’ve probably seen this idea before, but I want to reiterate it, because it is one of THE most important concepts to grasp.

We know that one healthy meal isn’t going to suddenly cause us to lose weight. We don’t eat a salad and then step on a scale expecting to drop 5 pounds.

And yet, if we eat one unhealthy meal, we suddenly think we’ve completely ruined all of our progress. We eat one unhealthy meal and then step on a scale expecting to see our weight suddenly increased.

You might be thinking “but it’s different because if you eat a large meal then you’ll weigh more afterwards”

Sure, if you eat 2 pounds of food, you’ll weigh 2 pounds heavier afterwards. But you’ll also poop out 2 pounds worth of food and it will be glorious and your life will go on.

If you eat as healthy as possible for one day, you’re not going to see results. Likewise, if you eat really unhealthy one day, you’re not going to ruin your progress. At all.

This stuff takes time. And it takes being consistent over that time- one outlier won’t change that.

Whatever unhealthy food you ate, you simply move on. That’s all you can do. Put it behind you and continue towards your goals and you won’t even notice a setback. I give you bonus points if you actually ENJOYED the food you ate, too, because food is meant to be enjoyed.

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