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The Cost of Healthy Ice Cream

The Cost of Healthy Ice Cream

Healthy, high protein ice creams are all over the place right now, and they a pretty damn delicious too. Some of the flavors are out of this world. But at $5 per pint, they can get pricey. So are there decent alternatives out there if you need to save a few bucks?

Last time I went grocery shopping, I wanted to check out what other ice cream options were out there. There are a few “diet” options, but a lot of them are pumped with artificial sweeteners and other junk. But I came across Breyers fat free ice cream (made with skim milk) and not only does it taste like authentic vanilla ice cream, but it’s damn cheap too! I know prices vary based on location, but for me, Halo Top comes in at $4.99 per pint (which is 4 servings….even though in most cases it is only one serving), while Breyers will get you 12 servings for $3.00.

I have nothing against Halo Top, Enlightened, or any other protein ice creams out there, don’t get me wrong! But considering most of us eat an entire pint at once, it can burn a hole in your wallet quickly. You see that a whole pint is only 300 calories, so you smash the entire thing in one sitting. With a gallon of ice cream, you are way less likely to portion out 4 servings for yourself. You’d be surprised at how much ice cream that is when it’s not packed into a pint container. And, while 20g of protein for an entire pint is awesome, you definitely should not need a dessert to be a major protein source for your diet. If it is, you need to get your diet in check.

If you love these pints and can afford ‘em, then good for you! There’s no denying they taste awesome. But for anyone balling on a budget, there are other options out there too!

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