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Thanksgiving Dinner Nutrition Guide

Tracking your macros on Thanksgiving may feel like an impossible task, so here’s a guide to make your life a little easier!

Since you’ll likely be with family and without the luxury of knowing exactly what ingredients are in your dishes and in what amount, it’s not so cut-and-dry. For example, something as simple as mashed potatoes can vary if grandma likes to use 5 sticks of butter and heavy cream. Or, avoiding the skin will leave your turkey leaner and with less fat. But don’t let that all concern you! If you can estimate the approximate macros, you’ll be in a great position.

I hope that you can enjoy a nice meal with family and friends without worrying about your calories or macros. Of course, sometimes we just need to stay on track, and we all have our reasons for doing so. But you don’t need to weigh all your food to stay on track- look at it like eating out at a restaurant. If you can estimate what is on your plate, your eating will become way less stressful, which should be anyone’s goal.

If you’ve only ever relied on food labels and specific macros, use this Thanksgiving to get your feet wet in the world of estimating and eyeballing portions. It may seem difficult, but it becomes easier and easier as you do it, I promise.

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