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Taco Nutrition Guide

Cinco De Mayo AND Taco Tuesday on the same day? ? This is the perfect storm.

I’ll be celebrating with some homemade tacos, so I thought it only fitting to compare tacos from some of the nation’s top chains. In most cases, nothing beats a local authentic spot, but all tacos should be celebrated on this special occasion.

For ease of comparison, these are all macros for chicken tacos with cheese and salsa. I know you probably want to add guac or sour cream or other veggies, but we gotta keep it simple for comparison’s sake.

I’ve never had Torchy’s, but I knew if I left it off that the locals would come after me. Just note that I cut their taco macros in half because from the looks of it, the taco is about double in size what the others on this list are.

I find guides like these to be incredibly helpful in estimating calories for local spots. If you order some chicken tacos from a hole in wall restaurant, you’ll likely have no idea how many calories are in each taco. But using this guide, you can look at all of them and come up with pretty close approximations if ya need to.

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