I came across this idea from @mindpumpsal and it really resonated with me. “Stop working out, and start practicing.” The problem isn’t with the act of working out itself, but our mindset towards it. Somewhere along the line, we started to view working out as the ultimate quest for a pump and soreness. But results don’t come from one single, all-out session, no matter how sweaty and sore you get. Results come from progressing over time- from perfecting our skills and getting better every day.

At it’s core, lifting weights can be viewed as a sport. In what sport would you ever just go out there and do maximum repetitions at maximum effort and expect results? That’s the equivalent of going out to the basketball court and trying to drain 100 shots as fast as possible. If you want to improve, you’ll be way better off going out there, working on your shooting form, focusing on the fundamentals, and building on that foundation. Why shouldn’t lifting weights be the same?

Most of us don’t care about how to squat properly, we care about how sore our legs get. Our squat form is an afterthought. It’s no wonder people stop progressing in the gym, and worse, end up injured.

I understand the desire to sweat and get sore. I chased that for years. But viewing each workout as a practice, and trying to perfect my skill (and form) in the gym has allowed me to progress more than ever before. Lower the intensity and don’t try to push yourself to failure. Even at a lower intensity, doing a movement properly will be WAY more beneficial than doing it incorrectly at higher intensities.

Practice. ?

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