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Stop Overcomplicating Nutrition

Nutrition can certainly be a complex topic, but there are certain principles that we just don’t need to overthink. Here are some “fast facts” to help you stop over-complicating your eating.

1. The frequency you eat doesn’t matter. One meal or five will have the same affect at the end of the day if the food is the same.

2. If you want to lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit. How you get into a deficit will vary, and maybe there are some obstacles in your way, but it still holds true.

3. Drink your water. It’s important for pretty much everything.

4. There is no food you CAN’T have. Restrictive diets that tell you that you have to avoid certain foods are not worth following.

5. If your goal is weight loss, you technically don’t need to worry about your micronutrients, but they are very important for your overall health.

6. The exact way you split up your fat/protein/carbs depends completely on your lifestyle and needs.

7. See number 1. You can split your meals up however you want, whenever you want.

8. Don’t be afraid to eat fat. Women, eating enough fat is especially important for dem hormones.

9. If you went keto and lost weight that’s great- but it’s not magic. Keto put you in a caloric deficit.

10. No matter your goals, you don’t have to count your calories or track your macros. It can certainly help, but it’s not a necessity.

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