Halloween is fast approaching, and that means that most of us are likely going to eat some candy.

Eating candy WILL NOT ruin your progress. I’m going to repeat that until I’m blue in the face. Eating candy will not ruin your progress.

If you truly want to eat some Halloween candy, I hope you can enjoy it. Whether it’s one candy bar, a bowl of m&ms, or snagging a bunch of your kid’s candy after they go to sleep- you’re not going to ruin your progress.

I was asked a question recently that I found very interesting. They asked “I know I can eat a piece of candy in moderation, but how much candy can I actually have? What’s the limit?” In the wise words of Lindsay Lohan: the limit does not exist.

It doesn’t matter if you eat a fun size Snickers or a king size Reese’s- you will not ruin your progress. Why? Because nobody ever made, or lost, significant progress in one day.

Progress takes time, and so does losing that progress. One day is never going to offset what you’re working towards. It doesn’t matter if you eat 100 calories worth of sour patch kids or 10,000 calories worth of chocolate- it’s still one day.

If you start eating nothing but candy for weeks at a time, then you’ll need to figure some things out. But one day (or a few days) of eating some extra candy?

Absolutely, without a doubt, positively, 100% not going to ruin your progress.

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