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Should You Eat A Donut?

This one is dedicated to everyone out there that tries to shame you out of eating food you like. Also, to the man who scolded me for not realizing how “toxic” donuts are.

We can all agree that eating donuts all day every day is not the healthiest thing to do, and of course I don’t recommend that. What we can’t seem to agree on, however, is how one donut is completely harmless.

There are times when you shouldn’t eat a donut, I’ll admit. If you’re allergic, maybe you shouldn’t eat it. Or, if you know that the donut is going to lead you into binge eating tendencies, then maybe it’s best to avoid it. If you know it will cause you some kind of harm, it’s probably in your best interest to choose something else.

I’ve put it on record that donuts make me happy. Which in turn prompted someone to tell me that you should never eat to feel happy, because you’re guaranteed to develop an eating disorder. I can tell you first hand that I eat for enjoyment every single day of my life, and I have a very healthy relationship with food. If a donut is going to bring you joy, that’s great- it’s not sign that you’re heading down a path to Hell. Food is allowed to make you happy.

Even if the donut doesn’t fit your macros, you’re allowed to eat it. Every single day doesn’t need to be perfect, and it is perfectly okay to not hit your macros for the day.

Maybe donuts aren’t the healthiest food in the world. So what? Life is hard enough- don’t make it even harder on yourself by trying to make every single choice perfect.

If you want the donut, you should enjoy the donut. Let the internet crazies tell you how that delicious donut is instantly murdering your insides. Don’t worry, they eventually tire themselves out.

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