If you’ve ever gone out for sushi, you’ve likely seen “sashimi” on the menu as well. Sashimi is simply taking the fish that you’d normally find in sushi, and serving it on its own without the rice. If you’re watching your carbs, sashimi is for you!

There are lots of options out there, but here are a few for your reference. In general, seafood is a great protein source. With nearly 5g per ounce, having just a few pieces of sashimi will quickly add up to a solid serving of protein.

On the flip side of that, some seafood is higher in fat than others. Eel and salmon have higher amounts than others (though still not a huge amount) so if you are watching your fat intake, you may want to choose a different option!

A note on serving size- there is no hard-set rule for sashimi. Depending on the restaurant you go to, you’ll have slightly different sized portions. It is likely that one piece of sashimi will be close to one ounce, which is what is listed here, but it is certainly possible to have a very thin slice that is closer to 0.5oz.

I’ve honestly never had sashimi, but I’ve had enough people request this guide that I know it’s very popular! Which is your favorite? Did I leave off any great ones?

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