When I first started trying to be healthier many many years ago, I started eating a ton of salad. But, I could only tolerate Caesar salad. Since it’s a salad, I figured it was great for me.

It wasn’t until I began to understand nutrition that I realized that not all salads are created equally. That Caesar salad I thought was super healthy was basically just some lettuce on a plate giving me an excuse to eat thick dressing, cheese, and croutons.

Had I realized that I didn’t NEED to eat salad and could eat other foods that I actually enjoyed, then trying to be “healthy” would have been a hell of a lot easier.

Look, I know the salad still contains more micronutrients than the bacon cheeseburger. I know that not at all salads will be high calorie. I also know that you may not like fast food at all. But none of these are relevant to the point.

The point is, you may not ALWAYS be better off ordering a salad. These 2 options are very similar nutritionally, so if you really want to eat the bacon cheeseburger, you’ll be in almost exactly the same place as if you chose the salad.

Generally speaking, eating salad is incredibly healthy and a great option to choose. But we need to ditch the notion that some foods are automatically worse than others.

A bacon cheeseburger sounds like it would be detrimental to weight loss, and a salad sounds like an automatic key to success, but that is clearly not always the case.

Choose salad sometimes. Choose the bacon cheeseburger other times. Moderation is always our friend.

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