The Online Coach

The Problem

Prior to working with me, the process to sign up for online training with Raymond was long and complicated. Potential customers were required to copy & paste content into an email, then Raymond would personally reach out to each person and walk them through how to purchase training through a custom PayPal invoice. Additionally, the overall look & feel of the website was not reflective of Raymond’s personality or training style.

The Project

Teaming up with Raymond Querido, better known as The Online Coach, we completely redesigned his website to not only improve sales, but streamline processes to free up a lot of time. Along with improving online sales through a completely redesigned online store, an automated sales funnels throughout the site was implemented to nearly eliminate the need for Raymond to manage his website. Less time spent managing mundane tasks means more time promoting and selling his business.

Brand New Website

First and foremost was a redesign to completely overhaul the website. By changing things up and improving the imagery and colors, we were able to make the website not only stand out, but reflect Raymond’s true personality. Rather then being rather plain and boring, the new website is colorful and fun, which much better aligns with The Online Coach.

Automated Funnel

Previously, this is how you would sign up for online coaching with Raymond: go to the online training page, copy the required content into a separate email, fill out your info, get a manual response from Raymond with a custom PayPal link, purchase training, receive another email to get started.

Now, the process looks like this: go to the online training page, fill out a form, get an automated email, signup for training. That’s it!

By automating the process, we’ve been able to free up 100s of hours for Raymond to focus on the areas of his business that he should be focusing on.