An e-commerce makeover for a growing brand.

I had the incredible opportunity of teaming up with Raymond Querido, better known as The Online Coach. We are boosting his online sales through a completely redesigned online store, and have implemented automated sales funnels throughout the site to nearly eliminate the need for him to manage his website. Less time spent managing mundane tasks means more time promoting and selling his business.

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Time is money

Creation of an automated sales funnel.

Prior to working with me, the process to sign up for online training was long and complicated on both ends. Potential customers were required to copy & paste content into an email, then Raymond would personally reach out to each person and walk them through how to purchase training through a custom PayPal invoice. By implementing an online form with an automated response, along with unique, hidden links to purchase online training for those interested, Raymond doesn’t need to interact with users until they officially become clients. The countless hours of time freed up each week can now be spent wisely on growing the business.

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The Results.

First week performance compared against the previous 30 days


increase in sales


increase in social media shares


increase in online coaching inquiries

Homepage before & after

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