The Macro Barista

Looking for The Macro Barista's recipes?

I teamed up with Alex Moe, better known on Instagram as The Macro Barista, to bring you a searchable database of ALL of his drinks. By building custom search functionality, you’re able to find a recipe for you based on the exact calories, caffeine content, macros, or type of drink!

The Macro Barista Instagram posts

Social Media

@themacrobarista is a beautiful Instagram profile featuring truly aesthetic Starbucks drinks. However, sometimes it’s beneficial to switch things up. I will occasionally help to put together some text-based graphics to display the drink and the relevant info/recipe to give people a convenient bookmark-able post to come back to. I’ve also helped to put together a few infographic posts that help tp educate people on the different types of coffee and the various benefits. 

Logo Design

Alex wanted a logo that could stand on its own for his “Macro Barista” brand, but also be printed onto apparel. Being a dog lover, he really wanted to somehow incorporate his two dogs into the design. The final design features his dogs drinking out of a giant cup of coffee, rather than a water bowl, with the words Macro Barista below it. The logo uses only 3 colors, making it ideal for print, and encompasses exactly what Alex wants his brand to represent. I mean, are there two things greater in this world than dogs and coffee?

GRND Coffee logo and menu

Brand Design

In life we often encounter difficult situations. We are beaten down, chewed up, and pushed to our limits. It is our inner strength that allows us to persevere. Through this process we become smarter, stronger, and more adaptable than before. This Is the GRND.

The GRND is a coffeeshop owned and operate by The Macro Barista himself. I helped to not only create a logo for the shop, but also help create the full brand. By nailing specific fonts and colors, we have been able to create a manifesto, flyers, menus, and more!